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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is PROM Premature Rupture of Membrane? (click here for the PROM website)

SO what happens after you rupture? Every doctor approaches the PROM cases differently... I truly believe that there are more proactive things a doctor can do for the patient but unfortunately the OB's I dealt with during and postpartum pregnancy did not provide me with the necessary information. I searched the medical term "oligohydramnios" and it did not retrieve relevant information for me. I found out through my support group what the other term was - premature rupture of membrane. What happened to me is called preterm premature rupture of membrane since it happened prior to 37 weeks. Most babies are able to survive if PROM happens as close to full term as possible. PPROM (preterm PROM) happens to only 2 percent of pregnancies - ONLY 2 percent! It is heartbreaking to be a part of this statistics. The link above is the most resourceful website on PROM that I've found and I didn't even find it on my own. I thank the moms online who responded to my questions. was started by a mom in Sweden who also couldn't find any info on PROM while she was pregnant and it offers many suggestions on how to proactively advocate for you and your baby during PPROM.

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