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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Joey's Picture from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

For a long time Joey's pictures brought me pain. I didn't want to remember how my "grossly infected placenta" (as stated on the biopsy record) and low amniotic fluid affected her. Her facial features weren't quite fully developed...Later I found out that all babies around 21 weeks have the reddish skin and their bodies become swollen once they are out of the womb. We found a group of volunteer photographers called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep who take pics for parents enduring infant loss:
One photographer was willing to look at some difficult pictures in order to modify them. Her face was minimized and it looks far more presentable than the pictures we have from the hospital. I was so thankful for this picture! Although Joey will never look like a full term baby, as a mom, I just want to show off my baby just like any other moms on facebook and blogs. I've seen other moms share their baby pics around Joey's age and it is astounding to know the features that God already gave our babies so early in gestation! One mom's little girl resembled the exact nose and long skinny fingers of the mom. I truly believe that Joey had my nose and lips even though John doesn't believe me (LOL!). Joey had John's wide feet and stubby fingers. I guess I'll hold on to my maternal instincts.


  1. Joey is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her pictures.

  2. I'm so happy to see this picture of Joey. She indeed is beautiful, and I can see your nose and lips!!!

  3. what a beauty. love those little footsies!