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Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank you to Bloggers

I know I wasn't a consistent blogger since blogging has not been my forte for the past 3 years. However, I don't ever regret sharing my grief online and meeting fellow Babyloss Mamas in the virtual world. I remember how dark this part of my life was yet there were glimpses of happiness I found through the virtual friendships. I never thought I would find all the support online from ladies I've never met. Through the bloggers I learned more about pPROM, incompetent cervix, transabdominal cerclage, and grief. I found my loneliness slowly diminished the more I read the words of other heartbroken moms. THANK YOU for the HAPPY comments about Ayden! So I thank these bloggers especially for all the wonderful comments they have left in the past - Carrie from Our Journey, Crystal Theresa from These Fragments, I love, and Dana from Butterflies and Rainbows. My heart goes out to those who have dealt with pPROM and incompetent cervix - I am always telling myself "Oh here is another lady with pPROM or IC or TAC!" every time I discover another blogger. I feel like a minority in my own world but the more I read I know that I am not alone!

I see Ayden and wonder how much Joey would've looked liked her younger brother. Every little mommy moments I have with him, I think about what it would've been like with Joey.... from diaper changes, to breastfeeding, and his cries. John just adores our little son and thinks he is so good looking! A little biased, I know, as any parent would be! Haha! So we have discussed how gorgeous Joey would've been as a girl.

It has been a GOOD year for many moms and rainbow babies. I am just ecstatic to see several healthy rainbow babies born last year from my personal friendships and this year in the blogs!!!! I can't wait to see everyone's baby pictures!

Here is my son again (: I don't know how many more posts I can make in the future. I may close the blog soon or find a way to print the blog as a scrapbook if that is possible (Please let me know if you have any ideas!)

Ayden with Joey for the first time and not even aware of it but one day he will know.

I'm learning to smile now!


  1. Awww He's just so gorgeous! Congratulations again and I know you love him so dang much already - it only grows more intense the older they get. Enjoy hun. You deserve every happiness!