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Monday, September 20, 2010

My Favorite Things

There are couple things that are so special to me...

1) Last year, a sweet Kinder student of mine drew this picture of me and Joey. Five year olds are so literal and she understood that there was a tiny life growing inside of me. She moved overseas soon after I lost Joey... She has no idea how much this drawing will mean to me for years and years to come. This is my priceless Picasso that no one can replace!

2) James Avery charm. I believe this design is called Mommy's heart. A group of friends gave me this after the loss to validate me as a mom. I needed the validation that I was a mother even though no one saw my baby and even though Joey went straight to heaven.

3) Willow Tree Angel. A friend gave this to me since she bought one for herself as a memorial for her early miscarriage. This angel embracing the child reminds me that Joey is safe right now because of what Jesus has done for her.


  1. Oh, Patty I love the picture. That is one thing I miss about teaching this year. Children do have a way of drawing or saying the cutest things.

  2. beautiful. i am so glad you stopped by my blog and left those comments. praying for you - the one year mark was really hard for us. i am not looking forward to the one year for our 2nd son either... time doesn't always make it better...but God sees your heart and knows your pain, and knowing that ...somehow makes me feel better...safer...